Data Desert to Dashboard

Leading fundraisers use our tools to guide continuous improvement and growth.

iNFORMED clients are interested in seeing how they can do things differently. Our LENS platform gives them the donor and performance intelligence they need to supplement standard reporting and analysis.

A Recognized Leader

A Blackbaud Technology Partner, we provide proven donor and performance analytics expertise to mid-sized and large organizations.

Advanced Technology

LENS continuously tracks each donor’s giving behavior along their support journey, recognizing over 100 distinct and important patterns.

Designed for Action

LENS separates the signals from the noise, grouping donors with similar giving patterns and alerting you to risks and opportunities.

Easy to Implement

LENS uses donation data every fundraising team can provide, then adds the rest. And we provide support that lets you hit the ground running.

Measuring What You Most Need to Manage

Tracking the moves a donor makes in their relationship with your organization provides the knowledge you need to keep them giving, properly steward them, and grow their financial support. Yet, a donor’s status can change daily and monthly, not just annually. For proactive fundraising and proper program monitoring, it is vital to understand donor movements on a regular and standardized basis.

Our proprietary LENS analytics platform tracks donors along their path of support for you, detects significant changes in each donor’s giving behavior, and groups donors into meaningful and actionable groupings you can use in everything from budgeting to campaign development and donor stewardship.

LENS continuously tracks each individual donor’s giving behavior to your organization. LENS tracks over 100 different giving patterns and utilizes a “giving lifecycle” approach that reflects the milestones most donors actually pass through. And LENS is designed to follow donor shifts, alerting you and creating the opportunity to be proactive in managing donor movements.

As your core donor tracking and measurement system, LENS can also multiply the insight you get from other forms of reporting, analytics, and research you do – and make that insight more actionable.

Enabling the Improvement You Know is Possible

Our LENS-based tools are built for fundraising professionals looking for the data they need to modernize their program.

Discover Strengths and Weaknesses

Identify the most important issues and opportunities facing your program, so you can focus where it matters.


Take Decisions with More Confidence

Better understand the connects and disconnects between your activities and donors’ giving behaviors.


Track and Analyze Continuously

Our LENS subscriptions let you monitor results, guide continuous improvement, and action donor movements promptly.


Improve Results Across Your Program

Drive continuous retention and revenue increases with your active donor base, while guiding smarter new donor acquisition.

Increase Executive and Board Confidence

Monitor and evaluate your program more objectively, plan and budget more accurately, and build executive/board confidence.


Win Support for Investments in Growth

Use LENS performance data to build strong business cases executives and boards can understand and support.

Tools You Can Implement with Ease

iNFORMED’s tools and services can be used by any fundraising team, and do not require special software or expertise.

Our LENS platform:


Works with basic donor data all not-for-profits have



Works with any CRM format



Works independently of your in-house or external data managers



Requires no software


What Our Clients Have to Say

“We have been working with iNFORMED over the past three years. In working with their segmentation, we have been able to pull in costs and revenues to allow us to budget on a segmentation level. We can identify opportunity in smaller groups. We can plan out tactics (and costs) to be appropriately aligned with the corresponding performance of these groups. As a result, we are seeing areas of opportunity for net revenue increases in our programs and an increase in campaign performance. It is refreshing for me as a CFO to see this level of detail as it inspires confidence for me to offer support to the proposed fundraising strategies.”

Lisa Yip, CFO – CPA, CGA | Canadian Wildlife Federation

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