The Convergence of Donor Psychology and Behavior

A Joint Project of The Philanthropy Center and iNFORMED

Is Participation in This Study Right for You?

How well do you know your donors? Can you already answer these questions with evidence and confidence?

  • Do you know who your donors really love (or deeply value being connected with) when giving to your organization? Is it your brand, your beneficiaries, your staff, or if you are faith-based organization, a God figure?
    » If so, do you know which one of these relationships is the strongest driver of retention, upgrades, participation in social media activities or bequest intentions?
  • Do you know how passionately your donors love your brand, beneficiaries, staff or their God figure? Have they loved you enough that your brand has become part of who they are, your beneficiaries have come to be viewed as an extension of their own family and friends, and your mission has become a real and genuine passion in their life?
    » If so, have you tuned your communication to match just the right level of passion? So you do not sound too eager or too cold?
  • Do you know at what stage in their giving journey they come to see their support of your organization as being central to who they are and central to their purpose in life? How many transactions have to occur before this kind of transformation can happen? How frequently do donors have to give in order to facilitate this kind of transformation?
    » If so, have you designed your communications to facilitate just the right transformation at the right time and in the right language to stimulate desirable behaviors?
  • Do you know how giving to your organization can make your donors’ lives better – and how you should define “better”? Can giving to you offer your donors a sense of making a unique difference, of making a meaningful personal choice and achieving a meaningful personal connection? Can giving to you offer your donors a journey in personal growth?
    » If so, have you inserted booster questions AFTER people choose how much they will give you this time, to help people feel good in the way they want to feel good about themselves?

If you don’t have precise, actionable answers to these questions, then you will gain important benefits from participating in this study.


Designed to Guide Action

This is not just another survey. This study uniquely combines an in-depth survey of donors’ giving psychology and wellbeing with iNFORMED’s LENS segmentation of donors’ giving behavior.

The results of this study will be a step-by-step guide to help you customize your communications to your donors. We can tell you before you run any A/B tests which combinations of factors will boost what kind of behavior, and what kind of behavior can boost what kind of feelings. And since you have the exact survey questions we use, you know exactly how to tune your communications using the right language.

In short, the study will produce insights into donor psychology that will perfectly compliment LENS insights into donor behavior. LENS offers behavioral insight to inform what you do. This project will overlay the psychology of how people in different behavioral groups actually feel about their supporter experience.


Can You Afford to Miss Out?

This is the first study that has ever examined how you can grow donor wellbeing as a way of growing income – and in turn how you can grow your income as a way of growing the psychological wellbeing of your donors.

Shouldn’t that be what fundraising is really all about? Enhancing how good people feel about themselves for being the kind of person they are, for offering their support to you?

Are you tired of generating yet another piece of fundraising communications you will A/B test based on gut feel or plain trial and error? If so, join our team in this study and gain transformative new insight for strategy and testing.

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