The Convergence of DonorPsychology and Behavior

A Joint Project of The Philanthropy Center and iNFORMED

You are invited to join the first international multi-sector research project to study how you can increase the psychological well-being of donors – and their giving – through their support and contact with your organization, by utilizing a combination of donor psychology and LENS behavioral segmentation.

Collectively we will unlock some of the answers that will build some of the best donor relationships for the participating organizations!











Human Services












Arts and Culture



Public/Society Benefits


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Adrian Sargeant

Executive Director, The Philanthropy Center

Dean McJannet

President, iNFORMED

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Can You Think Double?

We believe that increasing the psychological wellbeing of donors through their support and contact with your organization should be the goal of all fundraising. People should feel good when they offer their support or read about what it has achieved.

Working with 15 organizations over the past five years, The Philanthropy Center has shown that attending to the human wellbeing of donors also doubles giving. Put simply, people who feel good about themselves as a consequence of their giving (and other support) also give more and give for longer.

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This multi-sector study, the first of its kind, is designed to add to this knowledge by combining The Philanthropy Center insights into donors’ psychology with iNFORMED’s LENS segmentation of donors’ support behavior.

This study will identify how different segments of donors feel about themselves through their support, and how we can enhance this pattern of wellbeing – and in turn enhance giving. The study will be tailored to the non-profit sectors noted above (e.g. Health), to generate concrete and actionable insights and tactics for study participants in each sector.

This unique project will be conducted by Dr. Adrian Sargeant and Prof. Jen Shang of The Philanthropy Center, and Dean McJannet and the donor analytics team at iNFORMED.

Collectively, we will answer crucial fundraising strategy questions for you in less than 24 months max! Yes, that is the promise.

Is Participation Right for You?

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FAQs on This Research Project

Are there any restrictions on the type or size of an organization that can participate?

No there are not. All Blackbaud clients using Raisers Edge or NXT are welcome.

How long do I have to sign-up?

Registration opens Tuesday October 9th, 2018 and will close when the maximum number of participants has been reached.

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How long is the Research Project?

The Research Project is expected to take 18 – 24 months and the final report will be produced for each sector within 24 months of launch.

What can Participants expect from this research project?

Participants will be provided feedback at the sector level (e.g. Health), to better understand the donors who support your specific category of cause. Sector level results will be provided throughout the Convergence research project as they become available (i.e. when other cause partners have completed their surveys).

The results of this research project will provide a step-by-step guide to help you customize your communications to your donors. We can tell you before you run any A/B tests which combinations of factors will boost what kind of behavior, and what kind of behavior can boost what kind of feelings. And since you will have the exact survey questions we use, you will know exactly how to tune your communications using the right language.

The results will be embargoed for a year following the publication of the report so that you can take full advantage of the learning.

Thereafter the results will be made generally available to facilitate sector learning and possibly benchmarking activity.

Sector findings, what does that mean?

One of the areas we wish to study is how the giving behaviors differ across cause sectors. We hope to have representation from Health, Education, Faith-based, Human Services, Animal, Environment, International, Arts and Culture and Public/Society Benefits.

What is the cost to join the Research Project?

There is no cost to be a research project participant, but the costs of emailing the survey will be a cost each organization will need to fund. These costs will be outlined and confirmed before an organization provides its final commitment.

A monthly subscription to the LENS behavioral segmentation is required for the length of the research project as the LENS is the engine that drives the research project. The LENS tags and tracks the changes in giving behavior and supporter life cycle that each of your donors makes over time.

What does the monthly LENS subscription consist of and how much does it cost?

A monthly LENS subscription is $975 (U.S.) + applicable taxes. Information on the LENS Subscription can be found at “Managing At-Risk Donors” page.

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