Data Requirements

The data requirements for the At-Risk Donor (ARD) package are as follows:

All gift transactions going back a minimum of 6 years.  10 or more years of gift transactions is optimal.

Most organizations EXCLUDE the following types of gifts from this gift file:  Bequests; Non-monetary contributions (stocks, auction items, land…); Purchases (online store, event tickets…); Pledged amounts not yet received.  It is up to the Customer to decide which gifts it will include in the gift file to iNFORMED.

Fields:  constituent id, gift date, gift amount, recurring gift indicator.

Recurring gift indicator:  leave this field blank if the gift if NON-recurring (i.e. NON-monthly gift).  Any record where this field contains a value will be considered a recurring, monthly gift.

Gift file start date:  the earliest date in your file.  Must remain consistent in every upload.  Ex:  Assuming your first upload happens on December 12th, 2018:  For the first upload, your gift file start date is 2009/01/25.  All valid gifts received on this date or later and up until 2018/12/12 will be included in the file.  For the second upload, your gift file start date will still be 2009/01/25, however the end date will be one month later (2019/01/12).

The format (fields types, field names, file format) of the initial gift file uploaded by the Customer MUST be identical for every subsequent upload.  Changing the format after the initial upload may result in additional setup fees.  Customer will be notified of any additional fees prior to the start of work.

The process to produce the ARD removes any donor that has given at least 1 gift of $5,000 or more.

The Customer will receive a login and password for a secure ftp site.  Customer will upload their gift file every month in the “ARD_In” folder by the 15th of the month and notify iNFORMED (  Failure to upload a gift file by the 15th of the month may result in non-production of the ARD package for the month.  Months where the ARD package is not produced due to missing gift data are counted as valid subscription deliveries under both monthly and yearly scenarios.

iNFORMED will produce the ARD package and place it on the Customer’s ftp within 5 business days of receiving a valid, uploaded gift file.  Customer will be notified when the subscription is ready for download from the ftp.

It is the Customer’s responsibility to maintain its own copies of delivered ARD packages.  The ftp site will remove the previous version when the new version is available.

iNFORMED can provide a quote for Customers requiring technical support in producing the initial transactional gift file.  Customers can send an email to: to inquire about this data service.