Managing At-Risk Donors

Rescue more at-risk donors and their associated revenues

Retention is a major challenge across the sector. By tracking donors’ behavior and sensing cooling signals, LENS helps you identify, prioritize, and rescue at-risk donors like never before.

Your Ideal Early Warning System

LENS At-Risk Donors are current donors who haven’t yet lapsed but who are most likely to stop giving entirely. The most important at-risk donors can often be the hardest to identify: established donors whose giving pattern is cooling. By tracking and anticipating each donor’s individual giving behavior, LENS is the early warning system you need to save more at-risk donors and revenues.


Identify More At-Risk Donors

Identify all at-risk donors across your donor file, from first-time to long-time donors.


Reach At-Risk Donors Sooner

By sensing cooling signals many donors send, LENS lets you act before it’s too late.


Prioritize Who You Focus On

Focus rescue efforts on the donors with the highest giving levels and likelihood to give again.


Create At-Risk Target Groups

In mere minutes, select at-risk donor groups for in-campaign or special rescue tests.


Improve Rescue Tactics

Measure your donor and revenue rescue rates and refine your rescue tactics.


Sell Retention Internally

Use real numbers on at-risk and saved revenues to win executive support for investing in retention.

Watch our At-Risk Donors Video with Dr. Adrian Sargeant

Your LENS Subscription Package for At-Risk Donors

Our At-Risk Donors subscription is available on a monthly or quarterly basis and includes a full LENS subscription plus our At-Risk Donors reports and lists. Send us your gift file each month or quarter, and let LENS do the rest. Start with a quarterly subscription to achieve early wins, then upgrade to monthly so you can respond even more quickly to donor signals.

LENS Donor Reports

  • 10 reports that track and analyze your entire donor file
  • Analyze all donors, non-monthly and monthly

LENS Segmented Donor File

  • User-friendly file of your donor IDs with all LENS indicators added
  • At-Risk Donor indicators, including priority groups you can action immediately

The Support You Need

  • Comprehensive LENS User Guide
  • Strategy and tactical recommendations for each at-risk group
  • iNFORMED experts only a phone call away, ready to help

LENS At-Risk Donors Report

  • Identifies at-risk donors across your donor file (24 at-risk donor segments)
  • Estimates at-risk revenues from these donors over the next 3/6/12 months and estimated lifetime
  • Prioritizes at-risk donors into three priority levels: your target list for rescue activities
  • Tracks your overall progress in improving at-risk donor retention


What Our Clients Have to Say

“International Fellowship of Christian & Jews Canada (IFCJ Canada) began using the LENS Segmentation tool almost a year ago and our staff still get excited talking about it. LENS can easily identify those donors who need immediate attention.”

Brenda Hayer, Database Management and Information Analytics, International Fellowship of Christians and Jews, Canada

LENS At-Risk Subscription

A quarterly or monthly LENS At-Risk Donor Management subscription is a modest ongoing investment that can deliver huge ongoing returns.

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Learn more about our At-Risk Donors solution

Curious how it works? Open our Managing At-Risk Donors brochure to read the details – or contact our team to get started.