Helping all charities and NGOs do more good

iNFORMED believes the key to successful fundraising is becoming more truly donor-centric. We’re committed to making donor-centricity accessible and affordable to all charities and non-profit organizations.

Our Mission

Our mission is to provide development teams at charities and non-profit organizations around the world with continuous access to the donor and performance intelligence they need to design and implement more accurate and effective fundraising budgets, strategies, campaigns, and communications.

Advancing Fundraising Technology

iNFORMED is an information technology company focused on the charitable non-profit sector.  We are innovators and leaders in donor behavioral tracking and segmentation.

Building Organizational and Sector Capacity

Our vision is to help our clients achieve fundraising success through products, consulting, and professional training in donor-centered performance management.

Redefining Donor Knowledge

Our vision is to give our clients all the data they need, both hard and soft, to understand and influence donors – behavioral, psychographic, sociodemographic, and more.

Canada Post Data Marketing Partner

Expertise You Can Count On

Our selection by Canada Post as a Data Marketing Partner is an achievement we’ve worked hard to earn – and your guarantee that you’re working with an industry leader. Join the ambitious charities and NGOs who count on our tools and support. We’ll listen to your needs and help you deliver results.

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