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iNFORMED clients know that to do things differently, you need to see things differently. Our industry-leading LENS platform helps you understand what’s happening, tune your program for higher performance, and deliver results.

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To be truly donor centric, fundraisers need continual updated data/information about how their donors are feeling about their organization. The LENS behavioral segmentation system is unique and allows you to continually keep your finger on the pulse of your donors. 

A LENS subscription monitors the general well-being of your donors. Providing answers to key questions like: are donors moving as expected along your organization’s giving or donor life cycle; are they being properly anchored after their first gift; how many are growing; how many are stable and how many are at-risk of leaving?

The answers to these questions will vary depending on the stage reached in a donor’s giving journey (or their supporter lifecycle). Put another way, do you know how they differ by specific donor segments? I believe that fundamentally this should be the goal of all fundraising. LENS offers the behavioral insights the non-profit sector needs.

Adrian Sargeant

Executive Director, The Philanthropy Centre

One-of-a-kind Behavioural Data Analysis

“Hjc has been conducting data analytics on annual campaign programs (and overall fundraising programs) for almost 30 years. In the last year, we have uncovered the best data analytics partner ever: iNFORMED.”

Michael Johnston

Partner & Founder , HJC

Explore Our Solution for Managing At-Risk Donors

By tracking each donor’s individual giving behavior, our industry-leading LENS analytics subscriptions accurately pinpoint donors most at risk of lapsing – and warn you sooner, so you can rescue at-risk donors before it’s too late.

Based on each donor’s giving pattern and predicted lifetime value, LENS ranks at-risk donors by priority – so you know which at-risk donors to focus on at any time.

Explore Our Solution for Managing Fundraising Program Health

Our Fundraising Health Assessment uses our ground-breaking LENS analytics to bring your donors and your results into clear focus. We’ll identify the most important issues facing your program, and provide strategic guidance you can action immediately to increase revenues and reduce waste.

Then, our quarterly and monthly follow-up LENS subscriptions let you track progress from this baseline, and identify emerging risks and opportunities you need to action.

Explore Our Consulting and Insight Services

We provide extra consulting support for our LENS analytics programs, to clients who need it. And we provide custom, LENS-based consulting and insight services: budgeting and financial reporting, pre- and post-campaign analysis, acquisition analysis, and more.

Work with us to ask and answer the right questions, to plan and budget with confidence and precision, and to increase your net revenues step by step.

Solutions That Benefit Your Entire Team

LENS gives your entire team a common framework for managing donors, activities, costs, and results.


Use standardized reporting for evaluating the fundraising program across all channels each month.


Build and track against a more professional fundraising budget, using detailed cost and revenue projections on a segmentation level.


Analyze and make changes with confidence. Finally, tools that help you fit continuous improvement into a busy schedule.


Appeal targeting becomes more efficient, reducing the time needed to identify which donors should be included or excluded.

An Authority You Can Trust

Our selection by Blackbaud as a Technology Partner is an achievement we’ve worked hard to earn – and your guarantee that you’re working with an industry leader. Join the ambitious charities and NGOs who count on our tools and support. We’ll listen to your needs and help you deliver results.


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